Tuur demeester bitcoin

tuur demeester bitcoin

View Tuur Demeester's professional profile on LinkedIn. Image for Tuur Demeester's LinkedIn activity called Adamant Capital: Bitcoin in heavy accumulation. Dec 19, @TuurDemeester that's my point. Adoption should happen like a social network taking off or not at all. Much faster than the Internet. <10yrs. Tuur Demeester is founder of Adamant Capital. In January , Demeester added Bitcoin ($5 at the time) as part of the recommended currency. An interesting conclusion is that bymillennials will control the largest bitcoin card buy with credit share of disposable income, an age sector which, according to the study, controls a large percentage tuur demeester bitcoin Bitcoins since Helpful Not Helpful. Or was it not an accident at all, have you always been [] pretty interested in money and the accumulation of wealth? In chapter two, we discussed how investing for Bitcoin accumulation is different than investing for USD accumulation. There are different dynamics that work. But then, if you hone in on Bitcoin, what is the proxy for Bitcoin? Maybe I built a couple sock puppets accounts that received my own money back with interest, so it was free. He must be serious about this. How do you tuur demeester bitcoin someone bihcoin a blockchain? Maybe More info built a couple sock puppets accounts that received my own money back with interest, so it was free. How do you think about that? He is also founding partner of Adamant Capital and has written in depth market research reports for years. I currently hold some Litecoin, and have exposure to Chia Network. If Bitcoin users as a whole stop caring about decentralization, privacy, protocol robustness, then over time significant vulnerabilities will start quickbit bitcoin in the ecosystem. What's to say there's no hidden "god mode"? To some extent this group tuur demeester bitcoin operates on a Bitcoin Standard: investments are evaluated on their ability to yield a return in Bitcoin. I originally saw [ Litecoin ] as a hedge against a particular Bitcoin panic; now it's just an altcoin with a reasonable amount of liquidity. Do you see Bitcoin having its own version of those? To me Twitter works great as a big aggregators of information, so I follow individuals there and see what they link to. Psychological planning for bear cycles pays off great dividends. And so, whatever Bitcoin is left in your account is your alpha. Name: Tuur demeester bitcoin Demeester. Instead of having to integrate with multiple exchange APIs of varying quality, bitcoin th can get everything through one screaming fast fire bitcoin problems. The current state of Lightning is very experimental, with a lot of bugs and currently with relatively high failure rates. Tuur: My experience is that you want to find an administrator that has experience in this space. Clay: At what point did you decide that you wanted to transition from being personally bitcoin th [] in this space to taking a leadership role, writing up reports, sending out newsletters, sharing as you do on Twitter? In this episode, which is part two, we dive into chapters [] three and four. It was a true lemon marketwith lots of information asymmetry, skewed incentives, low transparency, and a plethora of low quality assets. Which is a little bit like investing in small cap stocks, who are often also going to outperform in a bull market, and then they get worse performance in a bear market that is, I think, a valid strategy. To outperform Bitcoin, like you said, you can invest in smaller coins that will then go up more in a bull market. He launched the investment newsletter MacroTrends in And then hypothetically, that person invests in some funds that are denominated in USD, automatically that generates a taxable event. It is a very rich continent full of different cultures, and regimes, [] and approaches to taxation. But it appears to me that the fundamental architecture is sound. When I think of investment methods, I think both in terms of passive, smart beta strategies, and active strategies. Pirate Beachbum Apr Tuur: Yeah, I definitely have a bunch of plans up my sleeves still. Nafis Fuad. I also did translation work there, I founded the Rothbard Institute in Bitcoin price twitter, sorry co-founded. Each demeexter every time we put out episodes of this podcast, we dfmeester our own API, and bitoin date, every single one of those advertisements has resulted in at least one customer. Just how a lot of the alt coins are almost identical to Bitcoin. Enter the code as shown below:. Helpful Not Helpful. In chapter two, we discussed how investing for Bitcoin accumulation is different than investing for USD accumulation. Hey, this is Clay cutting in to define proof of stake. Pirate Beachbum Dec After being a decade in production, the technology is robust and we have a solid basis to scale out this platform in a modular way. What kind of asset would I want to own that could protect me against that?

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